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Dr. Madge L. Barnes, MD
Dr. Madge L. Barnes, MDMD, Health and Medical Advisor, Amazon Best selling Author

C.C. Preston, Dr. Posh®, the Founder of Hello Madam President®, has never ceased to amaze me. She has orchestrated her diverse career background into symphonic excellence. She possesses a unique ability to be knowledgeable in many areas and the compassion to humbly share it with others. She is a visionary that seeks to exhort others to live their “best life”. Well done Dr. Posh®!

Ms. Michele C. Scott, M. Div
Ms. Michele C. Scott, M. DivPresident & Founder of Home Helpers Home Health, Tulsa, OK

It has been a blessing witnessing the growth and evolution of the Hello Madam President® Merchandise Collection, as well as, Hello Madam President® Consultancy. Both transform individual lives and businesses alike, while changing the intellectual landscape of our Global Community. Become a Patron, Member or Sponsor, Today and start your journey of Presidential Transformation!