Welcome to Hello Madam President® your Global Education, Empowerment & Apparel Resource for Women & Girls.

Hello Madam President® is founded on Christian Principles. Our foundational scripture is Romans 10:9, as featured on our Royal Crest.


The mission of Hello Madam President® is to educate and empower our global community to come together in unity and change the world in a positive, impactful way by building our own Power, Position & Wealth.


  • INTEGRITY. Doing what is right.
  • RESPECT. Respecting ourselves and respecting others.
  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP. Serving while leading and leading while serving.

Hello Madam President® services provides a solution to key inequities facing Women & Girls in the world today.

While Women Comprise 49.58% of the Global Population; (statistictimes.com)

  • Only 21% of the United Nations Member Countries (193) have Prime Ministers/ Presidents that are Women.[Power] (worldpopulationreview.com)
  • Only 10.6% of Fortune 500 Companies have CEO’s that are Women [Position] (forbes.com)
  • Only 12.9% of Billionaires in the World are Women [Wealth] (statisa.com)

Together Let’s Build our own Power, Position & Wealth!


Through our Courses, Consultations & Conferences, we teach Women & Girls to become PRESIDENTS and to BE PRESIDENTIAL by providing structured, in-depth personal and business development education.  Select a Service Here.


Our Luxe Product Collection is designed with you in mind. Our Products are a direct, tangible representation of our global mission to educate and empower our global community to come together in unity to build our own Power, Position & Wealth. The full Luxe Product Collection is available here.


Our Presidential Living.TV Programming includes our show, Presidential Confessions, as well as, Live Broadcasting of our Global Events. 

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Being Presidential is not just what we do, it’s who we are!